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Dina Rosenmeier
Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)


"I am a strong believer in destiny and I look at life as a wonderful journey of exploring and learning. To me the art of acting is the ability to truthfully portray people and life. The schools you attend are great for perfecting your technique, but the true learning process is life itself."

Dina Rosenmeier, May 2001

Dina Rosenmeier grew up in Aalborg a small city in the North of Denmark. Since childhood she was an independent girl and at the age of 15 living on her own.

During her studies Dina became deeply interested in art and literature and before deciding in which direction to further her education she moved to Copenhagen to study massage therapy and then worked in London. While in London she decided to return to Denmark to study business, focusing on psychology and communication within hospitality management.

These studies brought her to both India and New York. In India she was involved with several orphanages and since has felt compelled to do something to change the lives of the children of our world.

In New York Dina finally realized that all of her life she had been preparing to become an actress. She had always loved dance and theatre but had never trusted herself enough to pursue a career in the performing arts. After picking up the Stanislavski technique books everything seemed to make sense; her passion for cultures, human behaviour, traveling, literature, dramatizing her daily life and her imagination. All these feelings and thoughts seemed to her to fit perfectly into the understanding and use of the method acting.

Dina moved to Spain and and spent two years running a "bohemian" café in a mountain village on the island of Mallorca. She trained with a wonderful Stanislavski teacher from Madrid during the day and worked the café at night.

In June 2000 she began her studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in NYC. In the days following 9.11 Dina was very fortunate to be able to volunteer at the government's 'Family Assistance Center', working as an interpreter and on the 'Missing Persons Hotline'.  When asked about this event, Dina replies,  "I cannot, with words, express the sadness I feel when I think of the cruelty carried out on that day."  After 9.11 she decided to move to Los Angeles.

Dina felt a little strange leaving one of the cities with more stage life behind and moving to the centre of filmmaking.  She had been quite convinced that acting on stage was her future career, but only a week after her arrival in Los Angeles she was cast as a foreign spy in the controversial feature 'Fuel', and soon after got her first small speaking role in XXX starring Vin Diesel and Samuel Jackson.

Day by day she realized that the magic in capturing moments on film that can "live" forever had gained a whole new meaning for her. Because of 9.11, Dina truly understood that in one moment everything can change and that we can not be assured that there is a tomorrow.

Dina lives in LA with her dog Babe Blue Basement-Jumper.  She is currently working on the post production of the documentary feature 'A journey in my mother's footsteps', shot on location in New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai, India, about her mothers life-long charity work for children in this beautiful country.

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Contact Dina Rosenmeier directly:  dina@dinarosenmeier.com

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Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther

Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Justin Lubin

Dina Rosenmeier

Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Justin Lubin

Dina Rosenmeier

Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther

Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Tom Johnson Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Tom Johnson Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Tom Johnson

Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Tom Johnson



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