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Dina Rosenmeier

Dina Rosenmeier
Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther


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Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther

Dina Rosenmeier
Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Dina Rosenmeier, born in Denmark, has studied art, literature, and dramatic arts, as well as performed in film and theatre in Mallorca, London, Denmark, New York and Los Angeles. She is currently residing in LA, visiting Mallorca when she can, enjoying each day and building a career within acting for film and tv.


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Sites of varied themes based in Mallorca, Spain...
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Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther



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