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Dina Rosenmeier

Dina Rosenmeier
Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther


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THEATRE PRODUCTIONS in Dina Rosenmeier's Résumé


FILMS in Dina Rosenmeiers Résumé

Daredevil (2003)
A Mark Steven Johnson film
Starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Jon Favreau

Daredevil  - 20th Century Fox official site
N-Zone Magazine - Daredevil  
- synopsis, trailer, posters, cast overview
Counting Down: Daredevil  
- news, rumors, and more
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear - Movie  
- trailer, fan art, images, news
IMDb: Daredevil  
- cast overview and links
Upcomingmovies.com: Daredevil  
- news, notes, and links

Old School (2003)

IMDb: Old School  - plot outline, cast overview, links
Coming Soon.net: Old School  - plot outline, cast overview, ratings

XXX (2002)    also known as...  Triple X and  xXx

xXx - Sony Pictures official site
N-Zone Magazine - xXx  
- trailers, news, cast list
- includes a cast overview
Rotten Tomatoes: XXX  
- includes synopsis and reviews
Upcomingmovies.com: XXX  
- includes premise information

Fuel (2002)

IMDb: Fuel  - plot summary, cast overview

The Hot Chick (2002)

IMDb: The Hot Chick  - plot outline, cast overview


TELEVISION SERIES in Dina Rosenmeiers Résumé

Spin City (1996 - 2002)

Spin City  - ABC official site
IMDb: Spin City  
- plot outline, cast overview, trivia, awards, links etc.
Episodeguides.com: Spin City  
- title, synopsis, dates and credits for each episode

The Agency (2001)

The Agency  - CBS official site
Universal Television: The Agency  
- Universal Studios official site
IMDb: The Agency  
- cast overview
TV Tome Episode Guide  
- title, synopsis, dates and credits for each episode


SCHOOLS AND WORKSHOPS in Dina Rosenmeiers Résumé

Lee Strasberg Institute

Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York  - Official School Information Site
Lee Strasberg Acting Studio, Hollywood  
- Official School Information Site
Lee Strasberg, an American Original  - Official site recalling the life of the man
IMDb: Lee Strasberg  
- biography, film history, awards and nominations, links


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Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther

Dina Rosenmeier
Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Dina Rosenmeier, born in Denmark, has studied art, literature, and dramatic arts, as well as performed in film and theatre in Mallorca, London, Denmark, New York and Los Angeles. She is currently residing in LA, visiting Mallorca when she can, enjoying each day and building a career within acting for film and tv.


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Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther Dina Rosenmeier - photo by Vivian Winther



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